Wedding Dance Instruction

Every couple has that moment when the DJ calls the newlyweds to the dance floor, all your guests are waiting with anticipation, the photographer gets into position, all to capture that special moment of your first dance as husband and wife! Learning to dance will make your wedding day even more special, your honeymoon more fun, and the rest of your life magical!

Your first visit is only $45
We recommend that our wedding couples take private dance instruction so that we focus on your needs and your learning pace. We work with hundreds of wedding couples every year. If you have a song you would like to dance to, we will help customize your dance to your special song. If you are having trouble picking a song, let our professionals assist you to find the right options for you. For those with extra time, it does not take much more effort to add an additional dance or two to your repertoire.

It takes your average learner 6-8 visits before their muscle memory “kicks in” and blending steps together becomes much easier. That being said, the average wedding couple takes between 10-15 lessons getting ready for their magical moment!  We want your business whether you take 4 lessons or 100!

Parents, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Wedding Parties
The Parents of the wedding couple are definitely on display throughout the ceremonies. Learning to dance will not only enhance your experience, but just may cause a renewal of your wedding vows too!

Nothing brings a tear to everyone’s eye like a Father & Daughter or a Mother & Son dancing with one another, as they bless their child’s new Marriage. We love being part of your memories!