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Emerald City Ballroom has been mentioned in dozens of newspaper articles. Here a a few we are especially proud of.

The Columbus Dispatch — In step with his students

Feb. 22, 2006 – Ann Fisher

Jeff Stein, right, checks out the positions of dance partners Matthew Neiger and Kim Kovanda, in foreground, during a class at the Emerald City Ballroom. “The world should have more of the moves Jeff Stein offers at the Emerald City Ballroom in Dublin. Since October, he has taught a weekly dance class for people who have special needs.

The benefits are obvious to Stein.

“Great dancing is an unfair weapon in the arsenal to woo women,” he tells his students during a recent class.

There are chuckles. A few blush and glance briefly at their reflections in the mirror, but they get it.

Trophies line the window of the Dublin club where Stein teaches a weekly class for people with special needs.His technique is laughter and enthusiasm, which cut both ways.

“I love it because just sharing something I have a talent for with someone who is enthusiastic and wants to learn always is a joy, regardless of the talent level.”

At first, his students struggled to tell their feet apart, he recalled. “It took about six classes, and all of a sudden there was a major breakthrough. Once they get it, they get it.”

Stein is the lucky man among us, who can see the fruits of his labor blossom and also join the celebration.”

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This Week / Dublin — Special-needs students inspire Dublin dance instructor

June 4, 2008 – Jenny Patton

Jef Stein TeachingEmerald City Ballroom owner Jeff Stein is not the only one who looks forward to the third Thursday of each month, when he teaches dance to special-needs participants at Dreamshine at Autumn Lakes in Sunbury.

“It’s been one of the best things that has happened here,” said participant Brandon Boggs, 24. “Jeff is God-sent. When the monthly calendar comes out, I start his ballroom-dancing class. He makes exercising fun and gets the me out of me.”

Stein teaches (from left) Alex Sergakis, teaching specialist Megan Ramsey, Samantha Stando, program director Nate Rich and Erin Root the steps to the electric slide.Stein said his “happiest lessons of the week” are the ones in which he works with special-needs students. For him, it’s a spiritual experience. ”

When I look into the eyes of those kids, I feel God is looking back at me. They are so innocent and full of goodness,” he said.

Stein said he can relate to the feelings of being left out or being different from other children.

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