Group Classes

Beginning June 027 Group classes are very budget friendly and a wonderful way to become part of the dance community. Group Classes are fun for those who like to learn with others who are at their same ability level. All classes are available on a drop in basis, but please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class at Emerald City Ballroom. Check our Calendar of Events for class offerings! Emerald City Ballroom has the most thorough group class curriculum in Columbus. We have group classes in West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango, Salsa, as well as beginner and intermediate level group classes that rotate monthly! Workshops are also offered to those who wish to enhance their learning!

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Foundations Level Group Classes

This is our beginner friendly group class and is designed to give you a solid foundation for each dance. Some basic patterns, some basic technique, and the basics of leading and following will be introduced in this class.

Foundations level group classes are Fridays, & Saturdays from 7:15-8:00pm,   $12/person

West Coast Swing Foundations

This class will concentrate on the Fundamentals of West Coast Swing. The west coast swing is a social dance favorite. The music is amazing and runs the gamut of genres, from blues to r&b, rock, pop, jazz, hip hop, country, & adult contemporary. This dance also has a great social dance community, including the Buckeye Bop Club, Jammin in July, & various weekend festivals, throughout the Midwest (actually Nationwide).  If you want to be with the “In-Crowd”, this dance will quickly become one of your favorites!

West Coast Swing Foundations Class is on Monday evenings from 7:15-8:00,  $12/person

Argentine Tango Group & Practica

This is part group class and part supervised practice party that will introduce you to the basics of one of the greatest partner dances of all time. Argentine Tango is the perfect dance for small spaces, such as a living room, and the go to dance for passionate romantics everywhere. This is a beginner friendly class that will give you a basic foundation with room to explore as your experience grows.

  Argentine Tango instruction from 6:00-6:45 and Supervised practice party from 6:45-7:30,  $15/person

 Intermediate L4I5A8776aevel Group Classes

Intermediate level group classes are for those who already have a basic foundation of the dance being taught. The patterns are a little more intricate, more technique, more understanding of mechanics,and more detail on connection and partnering are the highlights of this class.

Intermediate level group classes are offered on Friday, & Saturday evenings from 7:15-8:00pm,  $12/person

The Perfect Ten

We will take one dance each month & construct amalgamations (routines), from a list of 10 elements (10 basic patterns everyone should know). Each week will have a different ECB instructor with a new routine, but only using elements from the list of the perfect 10. Each month will feature a different dance.

The goal of this class is to assist you in breaking your habitual and redundant order of steps, and at the same time, solidify the perfect 10 elements necessary for successful and improvisational social dancing. A secondary benefit, will come once your mind frees up so you can focus more on your technique, partnering, and musicality.

Note: This is the perfect class to compliment the Cat’s Meow workshops

Class is on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-7:45,  $12/person

The Cat’s Meow Workshop

Do your dance partners think you’re the Cat’s Meow on the dance floor? Well this class will help develop your unique meow, purr, or roar! 

Owners Lisa and Jeff Stein will lead these workshops that are designed to improve your ability to dance successfully with anyone, regardless of their ability level. Leading and following properly is the cornerstone for your enjoyment, on the social dance floor. Besides, everyone wants to dance with the best dancers!

This is an all level class that will focus on the fundamentals of leading and following, using basic patterns.

Please check calendar of events for specific dates. The first workshop of the month will focus on smooth dances. The second workshop of the month will focus on rhythm dances.

Class is twice a month on Sunday evenings from 4:00-5:30,  $20/person

Latin City Wednesday (Salsa)

In partnership with Salsamante Dance Academy, ECB presents Latin City Wednesdays. Beginner level Salsa lesson will be taught by ECB’s Amy Ross, and simultaneously, an Intermediate level Salsa lesson will be taught by Columbus’ Salsa King, Carlos Rubio. The class is Wednesdays from 8-9pm, followed by a Latin dance party that will include Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and some Cha Cha too! Party goes until 11pm,  $10/person

(member credits do not apply to this event)

Buckeye Bop Club (swing)

The Buckeye Bop Club is a social swing dance club that holds their Tuesday evening events at Emerald City Ballroom. The bring their own dance instructor and their own DJ to provide a beginner level lesson from 7-8pm and a dance party from 8-10:30pm. This club primarily focuses on west coast swing and east coast swing but also include a sampling of cha cha, hustle, waltz, foxtrot, country 2 step, and nightclub 2 step.   $8 person






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